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Customer Testimonials

I was given some of your stretch mark treatment by a friend for pregnancy and I did not get any stretch marks!!!
Karen Chung, Bayshore Road Singapore

After the birth of my second child, I suffered from ugly spider veins down the back of my legs. I was told to leave the spider veins alone but as time passed it got worse. I did not like the idea of having laser or injection in the vein as it sounds scary. My husband found your website and mentioned about the varicose vein cream. After much consideration I finally bought it. I am very elated to see that my spider veins have diminished and my skin toned after 3 months of application. .
Carmen Leong, Rivervale Drive Singapore

I began using the Coconut Sensation on my stretch marks which had developed from pregnancy some ten years ago. I rubbed it daily on my hips, stomach, buttocks, and breasts. Within 6 weeks, I could no longer see any stretch marks on my breasts. I now spend more time rubbing the cream on my other stretch marks. I can still see them but I believe they are beginning to go away as well.
Masama Ahmad, 31, Holland Close Singapore

I am 21 years old male and very self-conscience about my body. Since the age of 11, I have suffered the humiliation of stretch marks. I used to cover up my body so that the ugly stretch marks would not be exposed. By the age of 19 I had reached my highest weight of 75 kilos. I began to try and lose weight and achieved 65 kilos but the stretch marks still remained and played a big part in my self-esteem. I started using your Stretch mark treatment and to my pleasant surprise, I saw that my stretch marks have started to clear up 5 weeks into use. Never before have I gained so much more confidence in my personal appearance.
R Balakrishnan 21, Yoshun Ave Los Angeles

I have had stretch marks caused from having my two children. The cream had helped lighten these up a lot! I started noticing a difference within a month and my stretch marks are clearing up fast!
Yeoh Soo Mei, 33, Rivervale Drive Rivervale W Aust.

The spider veins are now gone! Thank you for such an excellent product!
Chelsea A. Hutten, 34, Auckland, New Zealand

Fades Stretchmarks

When a young girl came to us and asked for our help in reducing the stretchmarks on her ample bosoms we could not refuse as they were her pride and joy and she wanted them to be just perfect..

We knew how good Roses n Chocolate is in reducing the appearance of wrinkles so we looked around for another ingredient which would make it even better. Coconut oil proved to be the ingredient of choice.

Pure virgin coconut oil prevents destructive free-radical formation and provides protection against them. It contains two powerful anti-oxidants ferulic acid p-coumaric acid, it helps to keep connective tissue intact and supple so that the skin doesn’t sag and wrinkle, in some cases it might restore damaged skin to its former self as well as diseased skin such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

The above photograph is an example of stretchmarks that Coconut Sensation was designed to prevent and reduce in appearance with twice daily application.

Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity which makes it an excellent moisturiser. It nourishes the skin by providing medium chain fatty acids that are absorbed by the skin providing it with much needed energy necessary for it to heal and maintain itself.

Nature does offer a myriad of herbs that help with these two conditions and the best to use are calendula, dead nettle and pennywort. The essential oils are cypress, lavender and geranium. Calendula Ointment by itself can with persistence achieve good results but since we at continually strive to achieve product excellence we sought to come up with something better and so we combined all of Nature’s offerings namely the herbs and essential oils listed above together with vitamin C into Creme d Universale to create a product worthy of mention.

The reasoning behind this was to have a product that also acted in a preventative fashion, a product that delivered the essential nutrients, namely amino acids, vitamin C and copper which the body uses to maintain the integrity of vascular walls and its supporting collagen, fibrin and elastin.