Creamy Cucumber Eye Cream


Cleopatra's Personal Eye Treatment Revealed

This cucurbit is one of nature's finest "liquid rejuvenators". There is nothing more nourishing for the skin than the juice from the cucumber.

Recent translations of 200 year old papyri written at the time of Cleopatra one of the great Queens of Egypt revealed one of the oldest beauty secrets which according to legend kept Cleopatra virtually wrinkle free most of her life. The Queen used amongst other things fresh oxen blood mixed with pounded cucumbers. We at have replaced the oxen blood with dairy protein to achieve the same result.

The cucumber is one of Nature’s finest liquid rejuvenators. There is nothing more nourishing for the skin than the juice from the cucumber. It is a rich source of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamins A, B and C, magnesium and boron. The natural oils present in the cucumbers peel contribute to the resilience and clarity that the skin shows after a few applications. Creamy Cucumber is like putting fresh cucumber on your eyes to relieve tiredness and puffy eyes and we all how good that is.

Once again this versatile product can be used either as an under eye treatment or a soothing relaxing and rejunvenating facial mask to melt away the stresses of daily life. Enjoy!


Blazon Mary Rose , 32, Chai Chee Road Singapore
I have a problem with puffiness around my eyes for many years and have been using many gel and cream based eye product but still could not help to reduce the puffiness around my eye . I have been using your Creamy Cucumber Cream for a month now, and all I am amazed with the results, the skin around my eyes looks good and feels great! Thank you!

Florence P Lee, 28, Lengkok Bahru Singapore
A friend told me about your website and recommended that I should try your eye revive cream. I did noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, and the fine lines and dark eye circles are much less noticeable after 5 weeks of application. The improvement is gradual but nevertheless I am truly happy with the outcome.