Creme D'Universale - Multipurpose Cream


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A 65year old man Aldo Cleber appearance after being dumped by ocean waves at Madora beach West Australia.

The same individual’s appearance 12 days later after applying Creme d’Universale twice a day.

Photo taken of Miss C Hancorne legs 6 days after being burnt with hot oil in 1984

Miss Hancornes legs 14 days after regular application of Healfas NMF three times a day.

First Aid Kit in a Jar

A rich multipurpose skin cream that can be used by everyone, on any part of the body for any cosmetic purpose.

Formally known as Healfas NMF ‘the first aid kit in a jar’this product is the basis of all the other creams and is filled to the brim with Complete topical nutrition and Transdermaid the unique transdermal delivery system that makes it work.

This advanced beauty cream supports and feeds the healing process allowing the body to go about its business and resolve problems such as burns and sunburn, rashes, bites, cuts and stings, extremely dry wrinkled skin, psoriasis and some forms of eczema and dermatitis.

It is possibly the best hand, nail and foot cream available today resolving dry cracked skin in half the time whilst encouraging the growth of strong healthy nails and skin all of which is attributable to the products high concentration of essential amino acids.


I grew up using Healfas for my dermatitis; then I lost your details, I am so happy to have found it again! The three tubs that I bought a few weeks back I have given them all away to friends/family needing them for wounds, psoriasis and eczema. Thank you sending the brilliant product.
Naomi Lundberg Attadale West Australia 19/11/2012

My boyfriend has a failed skin graft on his leg. He’s been using Creme d’Universale on it for the last couple of months and it is gradually evening out the pigmentation, the ‘white’ patches are shrinking, the black patches have faded to dark brown (like the rest of it) and the red flecks have all disappeared. He says the skin feels thicker and is less sensitive
Suzanne Bunker Essex England 15/08/2011

We have just finished a jar of Healfas (Universale) which is just on 20 years old! (Kept in fridge) It has been the most remarkable fast healing burn cream. Unbelievable I need to replace it ASAP. I thought it was only a burn cream so now I know it is a fast healing cream so I will use it on other injuries. Thank you for it.
Mrs Irene Warman Applecross West Australia.

I phoned you some time in November requesting some more of your amazing skin cream. I have never had the success I’ve experienced using your product with any other brand ever. It should be in every pharmacy around the world. The healing process seems to be miraculously rapid and highly successful.
Mrs McGeachie Floreat 6014 W.A.

Heather Lee, 36, Taipei, Taiwan
I was tending a bonfire when small bits of molten burning plastic (that should not have been in the fire) stuck to both my hands. It was difficult to remove so caused quite nasty painful burns which blistered almost instantly. I applied the cream to two very painful areas three times over the course of the afternoon. I was astounded to find the next day that there was absolutely no sign of anything. Really, nothing to see whatsoever and no sensation at all either.

Nichols Meier, 24, Washington, USA
Crème d Universale is an excellent nourishing and moisturizing lip treatment, excellent for winter and summer months. It not only adds shine but also protects and keeps lips moist the whole day. It also makes my lips look fuller. This has a nice mild scent. Great when working outdoors I also use it at night. I prefer this to any of my other lip treatments.

Junie Tang, 31, Bukit Timah, Singapore
I love the mild taste and how it moisturizes my dry, chapped lips. It makes my lips glossy, and that saves me the hassle of putting on lip gloss. And it adds an excellent protective layer prior to lip colors.

Shirley B. Davies, 56, New York, USA
I would like to say how much I am indebted to you because of your Creme d Universale . I can’t say enough about the improvement in my nails since I have been using it. I had always taken such pride in my nails and when I had to stop wearing acrylics due to my job, they were horrible. Now, I am so proud of my nails and the fact that they are my REAL nails.”

Esther K. , 46, Middlesex, United Kingdom
I suffer from very bad cracked heels and I had tried many cracked heel creams but nothing seems to help. I have tried your Creme d Universale product and my cracked heels have gradually disappeared. Now I have softer & smoother heels and I love flaunting it by wearing sandals. Thank you very much!

Pauline C., 66, Los Angeles, USA
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Creme d Universale helped soften my cracked heels and has even stopped subsequent crack heel forming!...Thank you for making this cream.