Flaxseed Body Lotion


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For Satin Smooth Skin

This light, non-perfumed Moisturizer is rich in essential fatty acids, all derived from pure vegetable and nut kernel oils.

When it comes to Naturalsecrets.com products there is usually a story and a need behind every product that has been conceived. Flaxseed Body Lotion is no different and there were two driving forces that caused its creation.

The first was an urgent need to resolve the extremely dry and scaly blue skin on the legs of a wheelchair bound elderly male diabetic and the second was to find a natural alternative to using cortisone creams for inflammatory skin disorders.

Whilst Complete topical nutrition is very good and would have provided some measure of relief there is more that is needed and one has to consider the very important role that essential fatty acids play in the maintaining the integrity and health of our skin.

Essential fatty acids regulate the oil production and sebum in your skin which prevents it from dehydrating, flaking and cracking. Even if there is adequate dietary intake certain disease states might prevent them from reaching our skin cells and therefore applying a lotion rich in essential fatty acids will remedy the situation providing it is formulated correctly. Essential fatty acids protect against sun damage and more importantly repair it, they also decrease the enzymes that destroy collagen thereby warding off sagging skin and wrinkles. Essential fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and are therefore very beneficial in resolving inflammatory skin conditions such as Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema.

Naturalsecrets.com Flaxseed Body Lotion uses three natural sources of essential fatty acids to get the mix just right and these are; Hempseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Wheat germ Oil.

The three combine to provide a rich cocktail of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A, lecithin, antioxidants, phospholipids and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and sulphur that work together and easily counter and resolve dryness, premature ageing, dermatitis, scars, stretchmarks, sunspots and wrinkles.

Thus Flaxseed Body Lotion can be used alone on large areas of the body to achieve satisfactory results once or twice a day. In areas that are stubborn it is advised that Creme d Universale be included in your beauty regime.


We have had a lot of verbal feedback on the effectiveness of our Flaxseed Body Lotion but what astounded us were the lengths to which people will experiment with our products. It was people who alerted us to the many uses of Healfas NMF now Creme d Universale and once again they are informing us of how magical this particular product is in so many different ways.

Linda K Grieg 44 London, United Kingdom
I want to thank you for the Flaxseed Body Lotion for it has given me my sex life back again. After going through menopause I had hardly any interest in sex. I was losing sensitivity because of vaginal loosening and dryness. It was very uncomfortable during intercourse and I had trouble reaching orgasms which were diminishing in strength. I decided to experiment with the Flaxseed Lotion on a daily basis and am pleased to report that it has turned everything around. My sex life is now back on track and getting better every day. Thank you!

Kim Rosette 39 Vancouver Canada
I initially purchased your Flaxseed Lotion to treat extensive eczema on my body which I found did the job very well and I found it left my skin feeling satin smooth. Although I have a good sex life I decided to apply it to my vagina to see if it would improve it by making it satin smooth as well. I was absolutely amazed! It made every encounter more intense and satisfying and also allowed for more intimacy to happen, I am now telling my friends about it.