Good For Women – And Beast!

Ovaderm Massage Cream

A miracle in a jar has saved an Aussie from a double hip replacement operation.

Marie Taylor, of Dandenong near Melbourne, used a cream called Quelfas A – which has also cured racehorses – as a last resort to avoid having plastic joints inserted in her hips.

Marie says: “I was suffering very badly from osteo-arthritis and had visited several doctors and a rheumatologist to fix it up.

“But they seemed to think that major hip surgery was likely. Then I came across this cream which was advertised by a West Australian man.

“I used some for about a week and it really did the trick.”

Marie, who has four children and seven grand children, says that she used to take a hot shower and then rub some of the cream into each hip.

“That was last November and it’s still as good as gold.” she says.

“It enabled me to take a holiday in America recently. Even though the beds were hard, the arthritis didn’t come back.”

As a result of Marie’s experience, Melbourne racehorses with muscular complaints are starting to benefit.

Marie, 50, handed some of the cream on to horse chiropractor Noel Johnston, a personal friend.

Noel says: “I had never heard of it before. But I decided to try it on a horse which was having trouble turning corners and was losing a couple of lengths in each race.

“I worked on the horse, called Sans Rival, a few times, massaging the cream into its shoulder.

“It won the next race convincingly, with very little shoulder trouble. The owner, Laurie Cleary, was amazed by the results.

“He put me to work on another horse in his stable. Riverina Ski, which had arthritis in the shoulder. Laurie had taken the animal to a vet who said there was little he could do.

“I massaged the cream into its joints and now it is racing again.”

“Marie Taylor, who had hip trouble, couldn’t leap 2 inches off the ground before she started taking it. She used to be up half the night walking around the room trying to cut down the pain.”

Many more people are bound to benefit. Marie has already told other friends about it, including those at her workplace.

“The girls at work started using it and are delighted with the results,” she says.