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All Natural Health & Beauty Products

Natural Secrets from Czarniak Pharmaceuticals

Featured Product: Cellfre Cellulite Cream

"The Best, Simplest and Most Effective Way to reduce your cellulite and have smooth thighs & hips within 7 days!"

Cellfre’s revolutionary cellulite cream is an easy way to effectively and rapidly reduce the appearance of your cellulite naturally.

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It is our pleasure to introduce you to a brilliant range of natural therapies, specially formulated for topical use.

•   Proven Remedies for Over 20 Years
•   All Natural Ingredients

Over 20 years of patient research has been devoted into discovering what various food products have to offer in keeping us healthy and beautiful. Feeding your skin by topical application is something that has been done for thousands of years by various cultures.

We have two exciting product ranges: Natural Secrets and Ovaderm. Both of these are based upon the avian egg as being the source of complete nutrition. Without this, nothing can grow or repair itself effectively, so it makes sense to properly feed our bodies inside and outside.

Our health and beauty products have been distributed for over 20 years. If you have never seen or used our products before, we suggest that you read the article 'Food for the Skin' to obtain a deeper understanding of our products' philosophy. The original formula Healfas-NMF mentioned in the article is available as Creme D'Universale in the Natural Secrets Range.

For over 20 years, we have received praised publicity on TV, in newspapers, magazines and other media. Some of the interesting press releases & articles are available throughout our website and on our media clippings page. We hope you gain something valuable from our website and feel good as a result. This website is not only to promote our products but to educate, enlighten and share our knowledge with you.

You receive a 5th item of your choice free when you purchase 4 items. We offer secure & convenient online ordering, otherwise, you may wish to fax your order using our fax/mail order form

Whatever your health or beauty problem, Nature has available a Natural Solution. Amongst our great range of health and beauty items you will find products that can be applied to Arthritis -> Varicose Veins.

This product range should really be called Petra's Secrets as Petra Czarniak was the driving force behind it's inception.

Sharing her christian name with the famous lost city of Petra, she has thoroughly studied the cosmetic and natural therapies of both ancient and modern cultures. This has cultivated in the discovery of hitherto unknown material about the fabulous Egyptian Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra herself and her loyal beautifying treatment.

Make no mistake about it, each one of the creams is very rich, full of nutrition and because food knows no boundaries, each one can be used by all skin types and sexes. Another conclusion is that all of these products are anti-ageing.

A Summary of all of our Health & Beauty Products:

Creme D'Universale (Healfas NMF)
Literally, food for the life of your skin. OVADERM heals, repairs, and re-vitalizes the skin all over. Wonderful for wrinkles, dry and chapped skin, as an after shave soother – in fact, ALL skin problems. AND if you suffer from herpes, sunspots, burns, wounds, rashes, hair problems (seborrhea), warts, ulcers, insect bites, weak nails, you should feed the skin, rather than suppress the symptoms.

OvaDerm Massage Cream
If it can cure arthritis in horses and greyhounds, think what it can do for you! That’s right – skeptical Perth horse trainers were astounded with the results. One horse with severe arthritis was racing again after just six days of treatment with OVADERM Massage Cream. Another horse was due to be euthanised was racing back after 6 months. Now, trainers are using the cream as a liniment by the jarful, not only to relieve the pain of arthritis but also to reduce the healing time for shin soreness, fractures, bowed tendons, bruises, hoof damage, muscle tears and contusions. As well as treating themselves after injuries sustained from horse racing. WONDERFUL for all massage therapy, sports medicine, as well as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatism.

OvaDerm Hair Cream
Hold on to your hair! OvaDerm Hair Cream formulation contains the essential amino acids and cholesterol, as do the creams above as well as over 20 different herbs. It is a topical application that possesses the ability to transport through the skin and not merely sit on top. Wonderful to rejuvenate the hair, make strong and healthy, will even take some of the gray out. Re-growth of hair on bald patches vary – for the ladies, results are expected in 6 to 8 weeks, whilst for men, often 4 to 5 months! Sorry gents – you are slower to recover. This product also works very well on animals.

Requiem Cellulite Treatment
Yes believe it or not, a CELLULITE CREAM! OK, there are many claiming their product can get rid of cellulite – most do not. The written testimonials about OvaDerm Hip & Thigh cream are overwhelming! Not only great results but fast results! NOTE: Slim people with small cellulite patches may be disappointed. People with ‘bigger problems’ seem to get faster response.

All this and it's all ‘FOOD’ - No Chemicals!

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