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Customer Testimonials

Vanessa Chong, Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore
I have been plagued for several years by chronic shoulder joint pain. I can feel the difference after 5 months of using the arithritis treatment, my shoulder pain is virtually gone. It is the first time I can recall in almost ten years that I am free of shoulder joint pain.

Gyan Bahadur Limbu, Bedok North Street 3 Singapore
I have been using your arthritis treatment for 9 months with good results. The excruciating pain in my lower back, which was diagnosed as osteoarthritis, has improved greatly and my back feels so much better now . It was a gradual improvement towards my recovery. Thank you for this great product!

Thomas Lim Kwang Ngee, 47, Crawford Lane Singapore
I am 47 yrs old and is an active person who loves outdoor sports until 5 yrs ago when I started have severe knee pain. I been just began this arthritis treatment for about a month now and I certainly do feel an improvement in joint movement and pain relief, especially the knees. I am looking forward to the day I can be active in sports again!

Nonis Victor Cornelius, 43, Serangoon Ave 4 Singapore
Three years ago I found out I had osteoarthritis of both knees. The condition was very painful. I had difficulties in walking long distances. Being always active in sports, I had to discontinue my regular work out in brisk walking and swimming. Several months ago I came across your arthritis treatment, and have been on it for 8 months, I am amazed at the results. I do not have any more pain in my knees and I have returned to my daily sports regimen. I am now able to run without pain. This arthritis treatment has made such a difference in the functioning of my knees and elimination of pain. Thanks for a really wonderful product!

“I have suffered many years with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Two months ago I started using Quelfas A – since then I have not taken my pain killers Dymadon Co and when the next cortisone injection was due, I have not had them. The swelling in my fingers returns to normal when I use Quelfas A. The relief from pain and the return of feeling to my joints can only be described as magic.”
– M Marshall Two Rocks W.A.

Thanks for your prompt response. I’d like a small jar of the Ovaderm massage cream to give to a friend with a bad back and a large one for myself, please. It’s done wonders for my arthritic hands and my sciatica. G Lever Croydon Victoria Aust I wrote to Mr Johnson in Hallam for a jar. I have suffered from arthritis in my shoulder and knees for more than 10 years and have tried all sorts of creams from doctors and physios with no relief. After seven days with twice a day rubbing this cream on my ailing parts I can now sleep at nights and most of my pains are gone. I would like to tell the world how good it is. Everyone who suffers from any sort of pain should buy a jar of this cream. I thank Mr Johnston for all his information and help in this matter. This Quelfas A is a wonder cream I am 70.
J Turner Wagga NSW Aust

Aching for a Natural Arthritis Remedy?

No longer do you have to endure the unpleasant side effects of painkillers or steroids. The surprisingly simple, inexpensive, and powerful answer lies in... OvaDerm Massage Cream

This picture says it all namely that if it can ‘cure’ arthritis in horses think what can it do for you?

We knew from the start that when we developed Quelfas A later renamed Ovaderm Massage cream that we had conceived a rather magical product which came about at the insistence of a 60 year old Italian woman who was dissatisfied with all of the products she had used over the years to alleviate her long standing arthritis and was looking for something new but something that worked. To use her words “You a chemist, you make for me something that work, no more pain”

Inflammation and pain are the first steps in the healing process; it makes no sense to suppress them. Both of these should be fully supported allowing for the proper repair and reconstruction of the injured site. Ovaderm Massage cream utilizes a synergistic blend of aromatic substances, essential and nut oils in Crème d Universale which supplies Complete Topical Nutrition and Transdermaid thus ensuring that the repair process is supported in all of its facets and more importantly that the aromatic substances are delivered to where they are needed instead of ‘sitting’ on top of the skin and providing no more than an superficial warming effect.

Roger Smith a teacher from Highgate West Australia related how after using the product twice a day for 12 months his GP was able to confirm using x-ray evidence that no further deterioration of his knee joint had occurred.

This makes perfect sense and a recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine Mar 21 2013 Surgery versus Physical Therapy for a Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis confirms that massage is very effective in relieving arthritis. The study which looked at 351 patients aged 45 years or older who had a meniscal tear and moderate arthritis concluded that those who had physical therapy alone for 6 months showed similar improvement in functional status and pain as those who had undergone surgery.

Using Ovaderm Massage Cream helps you achieve the best results naturally providing you religiously massage it into the affected area at least twice a day. The product can be used for:

All sports and joint injuries
Arthritis, Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis
Tendon, ligament and muscle soreness
Frozen shoulders, restless leg, stiff elbows
To help improve mobility and flexibility
To help reduce pain and inflammation
To help stay injury free and give sporting advantages by using it as a pre-event rub