What is Transdermaid?

Transdermaid is best described as a complex of natural lecitho-proteins derived from dairy food that is blended with a mixture of nut carrier oils and immersed in a specific physio chemical environment which allows it to naturally transport small to large molecules across the skin without adversely affecting the structure or the physiological functions of the skin.

Because it is a natural entity in all respects and represents an advanced natural technology it possesses the capability of reducing the lag time needed for molecules to cross the skin as well as magnifying their effects as it fits in with the normal structure and function of the skin.

What is Complete topical nutrition?

Complete topical nutrition is an intelligent approach to understanding the requirements of the human body as it goes about its daily physiological functions of maintaining and repairing its overall health.

The concept was developed after two years of intensive research into developing a topical cream that would and did rejuvenate badly ravaged dishwashing hands in a fifty old woman caused by decades of exposure to harsh detergents.

When it comes to rejuvenating the skin hydration is not even half the story and that is why humectants and barrier creams hardly make a difference. The active germinal layers need to be properly fed in order to produce abundant healthy skin cells and the integrity of the Stratum Corneum needs to be strengthened so that it retains its barrier status.

Therefore careful consideration was given to developing a topical cream that would contain all of the necessary building blocks required for healthy skin and its appendages in other words one that contained all of the essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that the germinal layer needed and not just one or two ingredients that might only make a slight difference. This was all well and good in principle but it needed a delivery device and that is where Transdermaid comes in. The marriage of the two created a wondrous end result called Healfas NMF. The NMF part stood for natural mending factors.