Varicose Vein Treatment


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Customer Testimonials

I have spider veins around my ankles and calves for many years. My friends said I could try injection treatment. I feel uncomfortable at the thought of it. I saw your varicose vein cream and like it for a fact that it is topical rather than an intrusive treatment. After 8 weeks of using the cream, I saw that the ugly veins were fading away!
Jacinta Lim, 45, Ang Mo Kio Singapore

After the birth of my second child, I suffered from ugly spider veins down the back of my legs. I was told to leave the spider veins alone but as time passed it got worse. I did not like the idea of having laser or injection in the vein as it sounds scary. My husband found your website and mentioned about the varicose vein cream. After much consideration I finally bought it. I am very elated to see that my spider veins have diminished and my skin toned after 3 months of application. .
Carmen Leong, Rivervale Drive Singapore

I have had many spider veins on my nose area. Having fair skin further worsened the appearance. I had sought various treatments previously but none seemed to work. I was glad to have being introduced to your spider vein treatment, it healed the broken veins and they have cleared up nicely. Thank you!
Tricia Collinson, 28, Canterbury, United Kingdom

I have tried so many spider vein treatment on the market, nothing ever worked except for your spider vein treatment. I am really surprised at how fast it has healed my condition and greatly improved my skin texture. This I have recommended to another friend with similar condition and she has had excellent results too. Great product!
Irene Kwok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I have very deep cellulite around the back of my thighs and around my lower arms. After using your product for about a month, I am starting to see an improvement in the appearance of my legs and arms. I AM FEELING GREAT AND CONFIDENT!
Kistia Bte Sulaimi, Marine Terrace Singapore

The spider veins are now gone! Thank you for such an excellent product!
Chelsea A. Hutten, 34, Auckland, New Zealand

Using Nature’s Technology

Say "Goodbye" to your spider veins and Varicose Vein

Both of the below circulatory conditions can be difficult to resolve and often prevention is better than treatment. The causes of both include; standing or sitting for long periods of time, lack of exercise, obesity, hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy and dietary deficiencies that cause weakness in the vascular wall. We should also mention excessive alcohol intake as this leads to avitaminosis and tissue breakdown, for example alcoholics may present with varicose veins in their throats. Nature does offer a myriad of herbs that help with these two conditions and the best to use are calendula, dead nettle and pennywort. The essential oils are cypress, lavender and geranium. Calendula Ointment by itself can with persistence achieve good results but since we at continually strive to achieve product excellence we sought to come up with something better and so we combined all of Nature’s offerings namely the herbs and essential oils listed above together with vitamin C into Creme d Universale to create a product worthy of mention.

The reasoning behind this was to have a product that also acted in a preventative fashion, a product that delivered the essential nutrients, namely amino acids, vitamin C and copper which the body uses to maintain the integrity of vascular walls and its supporting collagen, fibrin and elastin.